There are various times when it is difficult to understand what the speaker is trying to convey. Despite the fact, that the speaker may be addressing in the same language, due to pronunciation differences, it can be a challenge to understand what message is being conveyed. Any word can be misinterpreted due to similar pronunciations, this is when transcription comes into the picture.

Our transcription services in Dubai include general transcription, text-to-text transcription as well as speech recognition transcription. Our transcription service includes the conversion of an audio document into a written format. They are also known as captions that you see in any series or documentary.

Linguistic Interpretation

Our Transcription Services in Dubai include interpretation in various languages. They also include expertise Transcription and Translation Language in fields like medical, marketing, advertising, legal, etc. Their experience and quality will fulfill all your linguistic requirements. The languages that our interpreters have fluency in include English, Arabic, Russian, Hindi, German, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, and many others. Apart from the languages they also have a great interpretation of converting the speech into Active and Passive Voice. There are also working languages like interpreting into the mother tongue, language that is perfectly fluent but not the mother tongue, or the language that is perfectly understood.

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RSI (Remote Simalteanous Interpretation)

We provide professional transcription like RSI (Remote Simultaneous Interpretation) as it is an example of the advancement of technology. We are powered by a cloud-based platform for RSI and are used for multiple purposes like multilingual conferences or web meetings, small workshops, or international conferences. We provide high-quality interpretation and help you save cost, as one platform provides all kinds of interpretation services. The only drawback of RSI is that it is remote. It can be streamed on by people through a web application to have access through their laptops or phones. It has been adopted by various companies in the past few years and has quickly gained recognition as a state-of-the-art tech for interpretation.

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Business Interpretation

Our business are one of the best transcription platforms that interpreters usually sit beside the speaker and since the speaking turns are usually short, he or she efficiently conveys the core message. We conduct this type of interpreting mainly for international meetings or between two executives for efficient translation. For small or larger business group meetings too, our interpreter simultaneously interprets through any professional equipment. This type of interpretation is also known as liaison interpreting. It doesn’t require any specialized equipment for the same.

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Consecutive Interpretation

In consecutive interpretation, the speaker takes about 5 minutes of pause before letting the interpreter speak. Our interpreter usually takes short notes and thus conveys the message into the language understood by the listener. Our professional transcription service have note-taking techniques such that they don’t miss out on the essential details of the message and still translate it with complete fluency. This technique doesn’t require any special equipment but just the interpreter. Consecutive interpretation is a time-consuming process, as the message is repeated twice, once in the original language and then in the interpreted language. For events like press conferences, interviews, work lunches, meetings, and

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Telephonic Interpretation

We are among the Top Transcription Companies who provides this type of service, where the interpreter usually translates the message through a telephone during the conversation between two individuals, who do not speak the same language. Usually, it is conducted through a conference call, where he or she waits for the speaker to finish their message, and thus interprets the same for the listener. This process takes time as it provides better quality of service. With technological improvement, we guarantee faster and more reliable interpretation over a telephonic conversation.

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Simultaneous Interpreting

Are you looking for simultaneous interpreting? Our certified professionals work from a soundproof booth where the speaker wears a pair of headphones and interprets the speech into the language of the listener. This entire process is conducted in real-time, and the time difference between the translations is only a few seconds. The listener can hear the interpretation through headsets. In the case of multilingual interpretation, our specialists provide that service, where the receiver can choose the language that is convenient for them. Our professional transcription service always has another specialist in the booth for events that have a longer duration of the conversation. For any of your conferences, workshops, or any event, you can get our services for instant interpretation of speech. We have interpreters who speak various language combinations and are highly qualified to fulfill your requirements.

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Apart from all the interpreting services that we provide, from business interpretation to simultaneous interpretation, we have services that require specific communication.

Whisper Interpretation: We provide this service, where the interpreter is seated beside a single person, or a smaller audience for interpreting what is said by the speaker to the listener.

Indirect Interpretation: Under this service, we provide a team of interpreters, our qualified interpreters convert the entire speech into the language understood by the listener.

Conference Interpretation: For your international business conferences, you can bridge the language barrier with our interpretation services.

Medical Interpreting: Our service includes interpretation during a medical check-up, when the patient and the physician or the doctor, do not share the same language.

Video Sign Language Interpreting: Our services also include interpreting the spoken speech into sign language. This type of interpreting is useful when an individual is a hard-of-hearing person and when no interpreters that speak in sign languages are available.